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SeAH Aerospace and Defense is creating unrivaled engineering capacities and competitiveness in the aluminum alloy and extrusion manufacturing process sector centering on its R&D.

R&D policy
R&D sector
  • 01Localized development of aircraft structure parts and materials using high-strength 2xxx and 7xxx alloys

    Strengthened capacities for localized development of aircraft structure parts (Wing Spar, Stringer, etc.) through extrusion and forging processes

  • 02Development of new 7xxx alloy that improved strength by more than 20% compared to 07075 alloy and thermal treatment (T7x) process

    Development of alloy and process that simultaneously secured outstanding strength and distinguished properties

  • 03Began production of large billets for aviation parts forging

    We supply forged billets for large products and perform ultrasonic inspections according to ASTM B594 and AMS STD 2154 (Type II possible, C-Scanning)

    Manage hydrogen gas max outer diameter up to 35 at less than 0.1cc/100g inside the molten aluminum

  • 04Aluminum forging ring and cogging bar production

    Production of large aluminum rings (Tx51/Tx52) that completely removed stress at outer diameter of 2.7m with 35-inch large billet

    Production of forged cogging bar with better makeup and mechanical features compared to cast billets that are difficult to make with extrusion

  • 05Development of parts using high-strength 7xxx series large billets

    In order to keep up with the recent trends for large parts, we manufacture 18-35 inch 7xxx series billets that are larger than 15-inch billets, which used to be the largest size, to supply parts weighing over 3 tons through die forging and free forging, while contributing to enlarging part sizes

  • 06Improved excellence for processing and surface treatment of CFRB (Cold Finished Rod & Bar)

    Using the world’s best structure control technologies, we offer 2xxx, 6xxx, and 7xxx alloy products with outstanding processing and surface treatment for customers

  • 07Manufacturing of free-machining aluminum alloys with no lead (Pb) or at less than 0.4wt%

    Production of Pb 0.4wt% or less or lead-free 6020 alloy that can replace 2011, 6262 alloys

  • 08Production of high-strength 6xxx series alloy

    New 6013, H6082 alloy with at least 20% higher strength than existing 6061, 6082 alloy that secured outstanding mechanical processing and surface treatment features

R&D Center Milestone


Collaboration with US Alcoa/Arconic Technology Institute and implementation of process/production technologies


Alcoa Korea

Established R&D Team


Registered Alcoa Korea R&D Department (KOITA)


Published first issue of

technological information magazine


SeAH Aerospace and Defense
Established technology research center (KOITA)