“SeAH Aerospace & Defense” (hereinafter Company) understands the importance of the personal information of customers and we observe the laws related to the “Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc”. Company shares how and why personal information that you provide is used and what measures are taken to protect your personal information through the personal information handling policies. In the event that there are revisions to the personal information handling policy, Company shall notify such information via website announcements (or individually).
This policy is effective as of February 1, 2023.

Personal information collected : Name, phone number, e-mail
Purpose of collection and use of personal information : Customer inquiries
Possession and usage period of personal information : Once the purpose of possession and usage period of personal information is achieved, the corresponding information shall be destroyed immediately.


We supply extrusion and forged aluminum products for passenger and commercial vehicles that meet the global standard specifications by realizing both high strength and lightweight.

Compressor wheel

SeAH Aerospace and Defense provides aluminum materials specialized for durability and lightweight, and it is used in compressor wheels that rotate and compress air in order to enhance automobile engine output and fuel efficiency.

Alloy : 2618

Thermal treatment : T6511

Uses : Automotive turbo charger parts

Hydrogen tank boss

Aluminum materials with high strength and anti-corrosive features for storing and treating high-pressure hydrogen are used.

Alloy : 6061

Thermal treatment : T6

Uses : Hydrogen tank connection boss (Commercial trucks, Buses, Passenger car)